Arche was founded in France in 1968 by husband and wife duo Pierre-Robert and Andree Helaine. Before
founding Arche, Pierre-Robert Helaine created wooden soled shoes and became the most sought-after
shoemaker in Tours, France for his quality creations.
Arche had the same success and became even more famous in 1976 when they perfected natural latex
soles made with pure hevea milk. The brand continues to be entirely French made with 100% natural
materials including nubuck leather uppers and hevea latex soles.
Every pair of Arche shoes are handcrafted to perfection with the goal of providing the absolute best
product possible. A French brand, Arche Shoes bring you a rich and inviting colour palette gathered from
the latest fashion trends. Arche Collection of shoes, boots, and sandals are offered in a myriad of
colorations that enable customers to always look her best. All Arche shoes, boots, and sandals feature
100% natural Latex cushioning for maximum durability, flexibility, and unrelenting shock absorption.
Modern, simple and durable. A timeless classic that has made Arche a trademark of great style. Arche
shoes are made from only the best in supple European leathers and softest nubucks and feature ultra
cushioned natural latex rubber soles. Made exclusively in France