Form follows function for "healthy" shoes.

"Healthy" shoes don't have to be ugly. They may however be a bit different. Different because they refuse to slavishly follow the dictates of fashion. They have instead grown and developed from basic anatomical and orthopedic principles.

The shoes we've created following this philosophy are fascinating in their unique design, from the uppers down to the unusual individual soles.

You either love Think! shoes or you don't, which is good, because some people like to swim against the current of anonymous mainstream design. Perhaps a little courage is required as well. Why don't you decide for yourself?

Think! Fit!

If the shoe fits, wear it!

A river takes uncounted ages to carve out a bed where it may flow freely. Our feet haven't got that much time in the space of their short lives. Instead, let's put them in a footbed that provides them with the freedom they need and that seamlessly works together with the complex interplay of muscles, tendons and bones that make up our feet.

That's why we take the greatest care not only while crafting each model, but also when we create the last, (a model for shaping the shoe). The last and the pattern determine whether your foot will feel good in the shoe or not. To make sure that the fit lasts for the life of the shoe, we leave the shoe on the mold for several hours, in good old shoemaker tradition.

Think! Care

Nature requires care. Since we use premium-quality natural materials, your shoes require a bit more care than conventional shoes made with chemically treated components.

Your shoes need their rest regularly and for at least 48 hours. Ideally in a shoetree to maintain their shape.

Never place shoes on heaters or radiators. It's better to stuff your shoes with newspapers to dry them.

At least once a week use a shoe cream, but under no circumstances "easy-shine" products which may dry out the leather.

Please protect before the first wearing. Use a shoehorn and never step on the heel to remove or put on your shoe.

Think! Philosophy

For us, environmental protection is neither a marketing tool nor a temporary fashion topic, but the pure conviction and solid part of our company philosophy.

For more than 20 years we have been producing shoes under strict ecological standards and utilisation of materials which are kind to humans as well as nature.

Compared to the mass production of low cost countries we make every shoe manually, in the age old tradition on a last and with a lot of love for details. Sustainability is an important basic principle for us.

We produce every shoe under careful consideration of regenerative natural resources.