It’s hard describing, or rather, pigeonhole in just one category, each one of the models we design in VERACRUZ FOOTWEAR. Eclectic, full of influences that, mixed between them, express a philosophy that loves life, the experience, the journey. That’s why we take care of the textures, colors, and finishes in our leathers. And how we couldn’t? The design of a shoe created for women must express its own identity. Each one of our VERACRUZ sandals, boots or shoes, have a very different meaning, depending on the woman using it, or the time she decides to wear them.

The Women of Veracruz

Strong, bohemian, romantic, traveler, urban… thousands of nuances are combined inside the women of Veracruz and they give meaning to their style. Our designs adapt and blend in a chameleonic way, depending on the look and event she desires. Any of our designs have thousands of records, as the woman using it.

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