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Established in Melbourne in 1984, EOS makes beautifully considered footwear for women who want to step out in style and express their individuality without compromising quality or comfort. In a world that champions fast-fashion and conformity, we celebrate integrity. We craft our shoes from pure aniline leathers where each piece is individually rich with natural variation. Then, to leave no doubt that each EOS shoe is as singular in look, personality and feel as you are, we lovingly finish every shoe by hand. And because the warmth and depth of our leathers is carefully enhanced with natural waxes and creams, (not obscured by pigments or buffed out by machines), we like to think each pair has its own story. Though we promise once warmed by your foot’s unique contours, they soon become foundations for all the stories you want to tell. For each seasonal collection we create a range of on-trend themes as well as confident evolutions on timeless silhouettes. Our intention? To offer slow fashion footwear with a beating heart that’s simple to style, easy to wear and fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and wardrobe. So go dance to your own rhythm. Because our story is about inspiring you to tell yours.

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